Entry Fee Changes

8 Feb 2019

For many years we have enjoyed the generosity of the Pot Black Family Pool & Snooker Centres in providing tables for our tournaments free of charge. As we all know, economic conditions now are different than they were 20 years ago, and the time has come for us to pay back the support we have received from the venues that support the BSAWA.

Accordingly, an additional charge will be added to entry fees for all tournaments, which will be paid directly to the host venue to cover the cost of tables. This will be in the form of either a $5 cash payment, or a $10 fee to receive a $10 voucher to spend at the bar.

For those who already spend more than $10 at the bar during tournaments, this represents no change in the overall cost – these players are already supporting the venues. It is just an acknowledgement that when we hold a tournament there needs to be a contribution to the venue.

When submitting an entry to a tournament you will see a new option – you can select to either pay the $5 fee, or pay the fee including the $10 voucher. You will be able to change your mind on the day, but it will help to have things organised in advance if you take the time to make a selection.

We are greatly appreciative of the Pot Black Family Pool & Snooker Centres North Perth and Northbridge for allowing us the use of their venue. Let's all get behind them and support the venues that support us.

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