State Championship Seeding Procedure

31 May 2016

A determination has been made by the BSAWA Board to make an adjustment to the seeding procedure for the State Snooker Championship. This decision was made by a quorum of the four Board members who will not be involved as seeded players in the tournament, thereby making an independent assessment.

Whilst this is our State Championship, we have recognised that it is also a National Ranking Event – and in fact it is a compulsory event. The national list is calculated by taking your best 8 results, except that your state title must be counted as one of those 8, even if it’s your worst score. If we are not giving our elite players the proper opportunity to achieve their rightful result in this event then we are putting them at a disadvantage on the national rankings, which then potentially has consequences for world championship selection, etc.

Therefore, it has been decided that the seedings for this year’s State Snooker Championship will be as follows:

  • Defending champion will be seeded #1
  • Any player in the top 16 of the national ranking list will be seeded in that order
  • Remaining players will be seeded in order of the state ranking list

We recognise that this is very short notice to be making such a change, but the Board members felt that it was important that we give it proper consideration and make a decision in the best interests of the tournament and our players. Extraordinary situations as this need to be considered carefully and require some careful decision making. Your board believes this change is for the benefit of our WA players who are on the national stage, giving them and WA snooker the best possible chance to succeed.

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